How to Capitalise On Your Offer After It Closes

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Congratulations! You have successfully launched, promoted and funded your retail fundraising offer and it is now officially closed. While this is an obvious indicator that it has been successful and definitely cause for celebration, it is no time for your marketing strategy to put its feet up! Marketing momentum is like a wave - there's a finite window of time to ride it before it crashes. One of the ways to leverage on this momentum is to harness it for your next project! Here are a few ways to capitalise on the success of your offer once it closes…

Maintain relationships with your investors

It is of the utmost importance to keep your investors well-informed about the status of the project as well as their investments. Providing your investor-base with full transparency and regular updates about the progress of the offer and their returns – even unexpected delays or roadblocks – builds a sense of patience, security and trust. You can easily maintain these valuable relationships by communicating through your social platforms, website or blog, and most effectively, email broadcasts. In fact, email is statistically the third-most influential source of information only behind colleague recommendations and industry-specific thought leaders.

Existing investors are the people most likely to invest with you again in the future, so make sure to nurture these relationships and provide them with the best possible user experience.

Reflect on your offer

When planning and implementing future projects, the most valuable resource available to you will be your own learned experience. Reflect on your previous offer, on what worked and what didn’t, where it excelled and where it lacked— and utilise this knowledge to make your next offer even more successful. The outcomes of your previous campaign and the date derived from it are personalised to you and your target audience, meaning the the results can be directly applied to and leveraged for your next project. If you’re wanting to raise additional funds, you can even consider launching a follow-up offer to the first.

Transparency is key

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again. Make sure to provide your investors with regular updates regarding your project’s progress and completion, as well as the status of their returns. You should distribute project updates on your social channels at least once a week, whether it is sharing project progress, making announcements about targets being met or exceeded or simply touching base to remind your community that the offer was successful. This is the perfect time to celebrate the offer of your previous project while building buzz for the next!


Kelsie R

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