How to Grow Your Investor Base

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When it comes to the success of your retail fundraising offer, it is obvious that building and growing your investor base is one of the most important factors. The more people you can enlist to promote, share or invest in your offer the better — but this is easier said than done. From email lists to social media to meeting potential investors firsthand, leveraging the power of the crowd to finance a property development project takes a lot time, persistence and hard work. Here are a few strategies for growing your community and building your investor base…

Identify and speak to your target audience

It’s not enough to just promote and drive traffic for your offer, you need to identify and drive the traffic that is going to convert. It’s incredibly important to establish the correct investor demographic for your offer to ensure you find and connect with the people who are most likely to invest. Your outreach and messaging strategy should be based on what your target audience finds interesting or valuable about your project, as they’re the ones who are going to fund it. Take some time to figure out what demographics will be most likely to invest in your project and how best to reach them.

Work with relevant partners

Working with core group of partners or companies relevant to your industry is an effective way grow your investor base. Not only might these partners be willing to be a part of your offer or contribute to your project, but they can also give you access to a pool of potential investors who might be interested in what you’re doing. Cross promoting your offer through similar networks and having trusted parties supporting your project can be incredibly beneficial in attracting the right kind of investors.

Take advantage of social media

After email outreach, social media is proven to be the most effective method of drive traffic online, which is why it is super important to maintain a consistent and professional online presence. Make sure your business branding is consistent across all of your online and social platforms, and that all project details, documents and information are easily accessible on all your social pages. Creating a social media marketing campaign for your project will help you reach a much larger pool of potential investors. Using tags, hashtags and Google Adwords can give your project additional exposure, while Facebook, Instagram and Google ads all enable you to target extremely specific audiences and demographics, ensuring that you are able to build an engaged and localised online community around your offer.

Use different messaging for different demographics

Within your network, you are bound to have a variety of demographics and investors, so it’s important to market and communicate with these segments or personas on an individual basis. You should target different groups within your network, using messaging that is most likely to connect with them. Try segmenting your community into different categories, create different email lists, and create a range of different ad sets and demographics

Show your investor base that they’re valued

Gratitude is an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to growing your networks. Make sure you reach out to your investors and partners to thank them for contributing their time, money or energy to your offer.

This will likely require reaching out to several hundred people with personalised messages, and while this outreach strategy may take a lot of time and effort, the return on investment is not to be underestimated. In fact, personalised email outreach converts to 34% better than other channels on average. Not only will showing your gratitude assist conversions and investments, but it will also create return customers willing to support your future projects.


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