Introducing the Konkrete Blockchain!

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Join our mission to revolutionise real estate through Blockchain technology!


Estate Baron, Australia's leading Property Development Crowdfunding platform, has partnered with Collective Campus to launch the Konkrete Blockchain.

Konkrete will be focused on decentralised security offerings done in a compliant manner. It is expected to be the fuel that powers securities on the Blockchain.

Using Konkrete, investors can vote on major decisions on how their investment progresses, forming the backbone of a peer-to-peer secondary market and allowing investments to become more liquid.

Additionally, the Konkrete chain will not only be available for property development offers listed on Estate Baron, but also for other security offerings, as long as they follow regulatory requirements. Konkrete is expected to make securities more transparent and its operations more decentralised.


But it doesn't stop there. Our primary reason for launching Konkrete is to make Deposit Crowdfunding a reality.

We are putting the building blocks together to allow everyday Australians to crowdfund their property deposit, while allowing those sitting on strong capital gains to release equity without taking on additional debt. The possibilities are truly endless, and we are excited about the direction in which we are heading.

If you'd like to know more, we will be holding a variety of Australia-wide roadshow events starting in Adelaide on the 20th of August.

Register for our roadshow events to learn about: The intersection of Blockchain and real estate

Crowdfunding your property deposit

Investing in fractional property funds

Releasing Equity without the need to refinance

Applications of the Konkrete Utility Token (KKT) and the Konkrete Distributed Registry (KDR)


Kelsie R

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